Collect ESXI NIC Information

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Keeping a stable environment is a key part of any business and in virtualization drivers/firmware matter quite a bit!
This is a very handy script that will iterate through a whole VCenter or collection of VCenter servers and get all hosts NIC cards driver/firmware information.

The script was originally created by another blogger, I’ve added a few quick modifications however all credit should go to Kyle Ruddy who wrote the code originally.

My changes:
Originally it was meant to work cluster by cluster, now it will get all hosts in all connected VCenter servers.
Added optional CSV output. If you specify a CSV file it will write to it, alternatively it will just output to the screen.

.\getNicInfo.ps1 output.csv
(Assuming you are already connected to one or more vcenter servers)
Again, output.csv is optional, please omit it if you just want to display to your screen.

#Original code by: Kyle Ruddy
#Name: getNicInfo.ps1 
#Date: 10/30/2014
#Modified by: Me
#Date: 10/08/2016
   [Parameter(HelpMessage="CSV filename to be created.", Mandatory=$false)][string] $CSVFile

#Setting global variables
$output = @()

#Gather available VMHosts
$vmhosts = Get-VMHost | where {$_.State -eq 'Maintenance' -or $_.State -eq 'Connected'} | sort Name

#Loop through each VMHost gathering information
foreach ($vmh in $vmhosts) {
#Null variables which will be reused in the loop
$esxcli = $niclist = $null

#Connect to the vmhost via esxcli and then pull its NICs
$esxcli = $vmh | Get-EsxCli
$niclist = $

#Loop through each NIC gathering information
foreach ($nic in $niclist) {
#Null variables which will be reused in the loop
$tempvar = $driverinfo = $null

#Gather NIC information from the DriverInfo selection
$driverinfo = $$nic.Name).DriverInfo

#Feed NIC information into a variable to be displayed later
$tempvar = "" | select VMHost,Nic,Driver,DV,FV
$tempvar.VMHost = ($vmh.Name).Split('.')[0]
$tempvar.Nic = $nic.Name
$tempvar.Driver = $driverinfo.Driver
$tempvar.DV = $driverinfo.Version
$tempvar.FV = $driverinfo.FirmwareVersion

#Add the above variable to variable that's to be the final result
$output += $tempvar
if ($CSVFile) {
	#Write to CSV if parameter was specified
	$output | select VMHost,NIC,Driver,@{Name='Driver Version';Expression={$_.DV}},@{Name='Firmware Version';Expression={$_.FV}} |Export-Csv .\$CSVFile -NoTypeInformation
} else {
	# otherwise write to screen
	$output | select VMHost,NIC,Driver,@{Name='Driver Version';Expression={$_.DV}},@{Name='Firmware Version';Expression={$_.FV}} |Format-Table

File: getNicInfo

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