Powershell Arrays

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Arrays are quite useful and Powershell makes it really easy working with these.
An array is basically an bunch of elements grouped together. Rather than having $a=1; $b=2, we can have $myArray = @(1,2)
Managing a considerable amount of servers/hosts/vms with arrays makes anybody’s life easier.

Down to business!

Simple way to create an array in Powershell:
$groups = @("group1","group2","group3")

Dump $groups output:

Look at the example below:
This example assumes a csv delimited file (data.csv) by “;”.
If you use different delimiter for your CSV files that is fine, just update the -Delimiter parameter accordingly.

In this example we will end up with $data array which can have each of the CSV columns as different member that we can call/update individually, ie. $data.column1, $data.column2.

For simplicity sake lets assume a csv with a single column and no header with content similar to our $groups array above:
$data=Import-Csv .\data.csv -Delimiter ";"

This is great, but what do we do with it?
Well we can iterate through it, for each array member, do whatever we need to have done!

foreach ($arraymember in $groups) {if ($arraymember -eq "group3") {write-host "found my group: "$arraymember}}

Output for this would be: found my server: group3

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