Find rogue VM by MAC Address

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Mistakes do happen and sometimes the network team gets a bit grumpy about VMs doing nasty things, acting like DHCP servers or generating high network loads tend to be on the top of their list.
How do we track it? Well network folks usually provide the culprit MAC or IP address.
Personally I like MAC Address!

While connected to all your relevant vcenters just run the following in PowerCLI

get-vm |Get-NetworkAdapter | where {$_.macaddress -eq $mac} | select parent,macaddress

The result would be something like this:

Parent      MacAddress
------      ----------
RogueServer 00:50:56:99:99:99

Bam! Culprit has been found and network folks are happy again!

(Just be sure to update $mac with your culprit’s MAC Address)

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